Facebook Dating App : How To Turn On And Set Up FB’s New Feature For Meeting People

Facebook Dating App : How To Turn On And Set Up FB’s New Feature For Meeting People

With Facebook Dating, you can find out who’s open to meeting new people in the events that you attend or inside FB Groups that you are currently part of

Did you know that Facebook has a new and exciting feature that lets you meet new friends and perhaps even lovers who share similar hobbies, passions, and interests as you? It’s true.

So if you’re currently looking for someone new in your life, then you might as well try it out and see what it can do for you.

Unlike Tinder or Grindr, Facebook Dating App – which is integrated within the existing the Facebook mobile application for iPhones and Android smartphones – doesn’t just show you potential dates or mates within your area but it also ensures more reliable matching – beyond looks – by taking into account the user’s profile, interests, common friends, status updates, and preferences, among other important parameters.

As I’ve said, the app can be found within the main Facebook application that you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store for free. Just make sure that you have the most updated or latest version of the FB App running on your handset.

I’m not sure if Facebook will eventually launch a standalone application for Dating. But I guess if this feature will become a big hit globally, then I guess it will make sense for the company to do just that.

Legitimate gender identities including Trans Woman and Trans Man and even Non-Binary (Fluid or Bisexual) are also accounted for

To go to Facebook Dating, simply click on the Options or Settings tab of Facebook App; The one with three short horizontal bars. When you’re in that section, scroll down and click on “See More” i miei siti gay. Then, choose “Facebook Dating”.

This will launch the Dating App — and right off the bat, it tells you that it won’t share your dating profile and conversations to other places on Facebook, giving you complete privacy while meeting new people.

Facebook Dating matches you with people based on the things in common — not just based on physical appearances. Hence, if you prefer making deeper connections or true friendships, then you might prefer this one over many other apps that are specifically made for quick steamy encounters.

With Facebook Dating, you have to freedom to choose whether you want to respond to a message or not. Sure, people you don’t know can message you but you don’t have to reply to them if you don’t want to.

You can block people who are absolutely not interested in and you can limit your Dating Profile access to just the friends of your friends.

After you’re done tweaking your privacy settings, you will be taken to a page where you can choose the gender identity that you closely identify with — and what’s great is that it’s not just limited to Man or Woman.

Next, you have to choose the gender or genders of people you are interested in meeting. In my case, I’m just looking for new friends so I picked all of them.

Next, you have to give Facebook Dating permission to access your current location, which it can also display on your Dating Profile if you allow it too.

You can use the one that you already have on the main Facebook app or you may also upload a new one; It’s all up to you.

Within your profile, you can add more photos and type in more personal information to make it more enticing to potential mates or dates. I think that the more details you add, the better your chances of getting ideal matches.

Facebook Dating has three main sections: Your “Dating Profile”, “Interested” tab – where you will see all FB Dating users who like your profile, and finally, your “Conversations”.

As of writing, Facebook yet to make Facebook Dating fully active across the Philippines. But you can already access it to fix your profile — so you’re ready when it finally starts working, hopefully, just a few days from now.

November 21, 2022